Emmaus International


Rue du Longtry, 62 - B-6032 Mont-sur-Marchienne (Charleroi)

+32 (0)71 43 80 87

Eight companions, all men, live at Emmaus Quart-Monde, a community located near Charleroi. The community building where the companions live is in a house that used to belong to the priest who set up Emmaus Quart-Monde, in Mont-sur-Marchienne.

The community's second-hand shop is a few miles away in Lodelinsart. The companions collect clothing, furniture, decorative items and books, which are stored then sold at low prices. The shop helps keeps the community afloat. Emmaus Quart-Monde also offers wood, paper and iron recycling services.

Key figures


  • 8 companions (men)
  • 2 sites: 1 second-hand shop and 1 community building
Areas of activity


  • Shelter/housing
  • Recycling and reuse
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