Emmaus International

Ghlin 0325

Rue Léopold III, 1 -
B-7011 Ghlin (Mons)

+32 (0)65 33 53 60
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Emmaus Ghlin-Mons is a community of 10 companions over the age of 25 – all are men. Together, they carry out the traditional work of Emmaus communities: collecting, sorting, repairing and selling goods at low prices.

Customers can consult the community’s online catalogue of the second-hand shop’s latest items. The community often runs special sales: DVD, vintage items, books, menswear, etc. Lastly, Emmaus Ghlin-Mons collects waste electrical and electronic appliances which is sells on to specialist recycling firms.

Key figures


  • 10companions (men) all over the age of 25
Areas of activity


  • Shelter/housing
  • Recycling and reuse




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