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260, Okhla Industrial Estate
Phase III
110 020 NEW DELHI

Tel.: +91 11 26839721
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Tara is dedicated to the development and empowerment of grassroots producers and marginalized sections of society. Tara strives for social equity, justice and environmental sustainability. Tara, through its fair trade actions provides livelihood opportunities to more than 1000 needy people.

More than 30,000 community beneficiaries have received free medical treatment. Regular health camps are organised to support marginalised people in the community. An alternative healthcare scheme called the Mutual Health Organisation, which is financed and governed by its 1700 members makes up for the lack of state healthcare.

Under Emmaus International’s right to education programme Tara sponsors more than 200 children so they can continue their education. There are also eleven learning centres providing educational support to more than 1200 children, who are given training in tailoring and computing. The group has also supported more than 500 people, mainly women, through its microcredit programme.

See a video about the group (8'): TARA PROJECTS For a fairer world

Key figures


  • 30,000 people have received medical treatment at the health camps
  • 1 245 children have been provided with schooling
  • 540 people have benefitted from microcredit
Areas of activity


  • Handicraft/fair trade
  • Education
  • Health




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