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Carte Cameroun

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First organisation: 1978
National delegate:
Martin Hot Guechot (C.P.S.S.)
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+ 237 99 36 32 06
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The Mom-Dibang Health Centre was created in 1978 by Martin Hoth-Guechot. In 1985, he was invited to the first Euromedecine Congress in Montpellier, France, and he spoke at the roundtable session on “Health in Third World Countries". There he met the Bigeault family who offered him financial support. In 1988 the family introduced him to Emmaus. A few months later Franco Bettoli, the Chair of Emmaus International, visited the Centre for the Promotion of Health and Social Care (CPSS) in Mom-Dibang, whose goal is to foster the development and emancipation of rural populations. To tackle individualism, the Centre started agricultural activities for the community (for both crops and livestock) and proposed to start a village community.
Partnerships and twinnings with French Emmaus groups were set up and the organisation became a member of Emmaus International in 1991.





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