Emmaus International

Founded by Abbé Pierre in 1971, Emmaus International is a non-religious movement actively working against poverty and exclusion. It operates on the principle of solidarity, which means working for people less fortunate than yourself.

It brings together 350 organisations in 37 countries in four regions of the world.
Working in diverse social, economic and political contexts, they all uphold the values of sharing, humanity and justice. Their common objective is to empower people experiencing poverty and social exclusion to take back control of their lives and demonstrate that a fairer world is possible.
Emmaus International coordinates its member organisations’ commitment to six areas of policy and campaigns: the right to water, health and education, ethical finance, international migration and fighting human trafficking.
It also organises solidarity between member organisations by pooling human, material and financial resources.
As Abbé Pierre’s sole legatee, Emmaus International gives a “voice to the voiceless” throughout the world.


Abbé Pierre


“The Emmaus movement is about people coming together and, on seeing other people suffering, deciding to combine their efforts. That, I think, is what’s at the heart of the movement.”Portrait de l'abbé Pierre