Emmaus International


In all Emmaus groups worldwide, Emmaus faces up to widening poverty and exclusion, the results of decisions made by political powers and decision makers.


justice principe

Our Guiding Principles

  • Prioritising the most vulnerable
  • Promoting and working for democracy and diversity
  • Educating people and awakening consciences
  • Redistributing wealth whilst serving the common good
  • Fighting inequality and strengthening gender equality
  • Fighting for empowerment for all
  • Ensuring that all our actions are sustainable, socially just and equitable


justice travail local

Local Daily Work of the Emmaus Groups

With the principle of unconditional welcome, the Emmaus groups put people back on their feet, giving them back their confidence and making them solidary people through:
  • Work, activities and community life and solidarity
  • Access to fundamental rights (housing, food, health, education, water and sanitation, work, etc.)
  • Recycling in order to limit the consumption and exhaustion of natural resources
  • Our commitment to education and training


justice groupes developpent

The groups of the Emmaus movement run several initiatives in the following sectors:

Family agro-ecology, the recycling of waste and used goods, the right and access to water and sanitation, awareness raising about the environment, fighting discrimination and violence committed against women, integration thanks to work, popular education and access to education for all, access to healthcare, the right and access to housing, fighting against excessive debt, etc.