Emmaus International

“The price of supply and demand is the price of brigands where the stronger imposes his will upon the weaker. A fair price is one which enables producers to live in dignity off the fruit of their labours”.
Abbé Pierre, a conference in Poitiers (France), 1975


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In the footsteps of Abbé Pierre…

Abbé Pierre is the founder of Emmaus, a place where work helps people achieve a dignified, solidary life. Abbé Pierre was involved in the campaign for agrarian reform in India for the Right to Land for poor peasants. In 1959 he participated, alongside Vinoba Bhave, in the Gift of the Land march for the redistribution of land to poor people and for the training of cooperatives.


economie valeur

Our values

  • Work for dignity
  • Sharing and exchanging our resources and skills, being willing to receive as well as to give
  • Participation of all
  • Local, regional and international solidarity