Emmaus International

Our three struggles to tackle the causes of poverty

Living our solidarity as a political commitment is one of our guiding principles, inspired by Abbé Pierre, that has been in place since the creation of Emmaus International.

Emmaus International has been working for structural change in our societies for decades, helping in the fight "until the cause of each ill is eliminated" and defending "access to fundamental rights for all". (The Universal Manifesto of Emmaus, 1969)

The Emmaus groups are currently facing up to an unfair global system which creates exclusion and conflict as well as a financialised economy and the privatisation of common goods.

In 2016, 10 years after the death of Abbé Pierre, the Emmaus groups came together for the world assembly in Jesolo, Italy, and committed to providing fresh momentum to our international solidarity whilst fighting, on a daily basis, for an ethical and solidarity economy, a social and environmental justice for a sustainable world, and peace, freedom of movement and of residence for universal citizenship.
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