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Every year, the Paris salon brings together up to 130 Emmaus organisations from France and around Europe for a large-scale international solidarity sale. Discover some of the ethical finance projects set up in 2014 thanks to your solidarity purchases.


In India, Emmaus Kudumbam launched a study in collaboration with the University of Bharathi Dasan to identify collective enterprises set up by women, and their needs. A discussion group composed of widows, single and disabled women has been set up to identify areas in which training could be usefully provided. The aim is to improve sales of milk and organic inputs. 

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In Burkina Faso, Emmaus SEMUS has been able to develop a self-help group whereby women in rural areas set aside their savings. At the end of December last year, 672 groups of women, or 14,429 members were involved. In each group, the women pool their savings, which are then redistributed in the form of loans to members of the group who are looking to develop income-generating activities. Training sessions have also been run on networking and awareness-raising. Village committees have been set up in eight of the areas in which the programme is running. The programme will continue through to the end of the year, and workshops will be held at the end of March.

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Thanks to the sales at the Paris Salon last year in 2014, Emmaus in the Americas has led a regional debate about ethical finance. The region is doing this by providing information and training – two major regional events will serve this purpose in 2015 – the community leaders’ meeting in Brazil, and the regional assembly to be held in Montevideo.

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Thanks to proceeds from the 2014 salon, Emmaus IFS Bosnia-Herzegovina has been able to extend the activities of its farming cooperative, IFS-HANA in Srebrenica. It’s now started producing jam, which will enable the group to create jobs for those most lacking job security, such as women and refugees. So far, they’ve built a shed to house the production. Water pipes and two pumps have been installed. Currently in disrepair, the road will be restored to make it easier to transport the production. Later this year, the cooperative will also invest in a refrigerated trailer.

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