Emmaus International

50 years after the first world meeting of the groups, Emmaus International will once again enter the prestigious Federal Parliament of Bern: throughout the morning of 24th May 2019 it will welcome the founding members of the movement and those who work every day at the heart of Emmaus, with the presence of Marina Carobbio, Chair of the National Council at the Federal Chambers.

To mark 50 years since the adoption of the Universal Manifesto, over the course of almost three hours, the National Council chamber of the Federal Parliament will resonate with the sound of round table discussions and musical interludes organised by the Emmaus movement. At the venue, 180 companions, friends, community leaders and employees, from all around the world, will revive the unconditional values of welcoming, communicating and sharing in equal dignity, inspired by this founding text. Together, they will discuss the meaning of the Universal Manifesto yesterday, today and tomorrow...and will proclaim once more the principles that steer their actions, and which are more relevant than ever today!

The plenary programme:



By Patrick Atohoun, Chair of Emmaus International, 

Nathalie Péré-Marzano, Chief Executive of Emmaus International,

and François Mollard, Chair of the Emmaus Federation Switzerland

10h20 – 10h50

Round table | Emmaus International returns to Bern 50 years on.

For editors and contributors to the Universal Manifesto and participants at the founding General Assembly of 1969:

José Aravena, Chair and founder of Las Urracas Emmaus Chile
Georges Chevieux, Chair of Emmaus Geneva
Godefroid Bodeus, member of Emmaus Belgium

Moderated by Luis Tenderini, founder and facilitator of Emmaus Recife, Brazil

With the attendance of Jean Ziegler, vice-president of the UN Human Rights Council's Advisory Committee (to be confirmed)


Address by Marina Carobbio, Chair of the National Council at the Federal Chambers

Musical interlude by Batista, guitarist and Emmaus companion

11h00 - 11h30

Round table | The Manifesto, a source of inspiration and commitment

Birgitta Goränson, member of Emmaus Sweden, Volunteer in the second-hand shop & Chair of the Board of Swallows India-Bangladesh in Lund
Claude Audi, member of Emmaus Lebanon, member of the Board of Association d’Entraide Professionnelle (Professional Assistance Association)
Emmanuel Siambo, member of Emmaus Burkina Faso, Chair of Emmaus Solidarité Ouaga
Efrain Olivera Lerena, member of Emmaus Uruguay
Renzo Fior, member of Emmaus Italy, retired Community Leader of Emmaus Villafranca

Moderated by Laurent Desmard, Chair of the Abbé Pierre Foundation

Musical interlude by Patrick Guillain, slammer

11h50 - 12h25

Round table | Emmaus International's struggles today: the current meaning of the Manifesto

Koudbi Koala, Chair of Emmaus Burkina Faso, Founder and Community Leader of Benebnooma
Juan Melquiades, Chair of Emmaus Americas, Community Leader of Emmaus Piura, Peru and vice-chair of Emmaus International
Moon Sharma, Chair of Emmaus India, Secretary of Tara Projects Association, India and Vice-chair of Emmaus International
Willi Does, Chair of Emmaus Europe, Community Leader of Emmaus Cologne
Hubert Trapet, Chair of Emmaus France

Moderated by Patrick Atohoun, Chair of Emmaus International and Community Leader of Emmaus Pahou

Musical interlude by Robert Koala, kora player

12.30pm - 1.00pm

Round table | The relevance of the Universal Manifesto for the next 50 years

Joshua Prochaska, member of Emmaus Americas, Manager of the thrift department of the H.O.M.E group
Joséphine Martine, member of Emmaus India, Program Manager of VCDS
Paul Derouech, member of Emmaus Romania, supervising chef at Emmaus Satu Mare

Moderated by Jean-Philippe Legaut, member of Emmaus Romania, Chair of Frères Europe - Emmaus Satu Mare


Closing of the plenary