Emmaus International

On 15 December 2015, European members of Emmaus went to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, to lobby MEPs.

Originally from Germany, France, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom, they described the achievements and difficulties encountered by the Emmaus groups on a daily basis. Discussion topics included serious concern about the European Union’s migration policy and uncertainty about the future of the circular economy. Following a presentation of the work carried out by Emmaus, the MEPs voiced praise for the movement's efforts to help people enter the working world and promote sustainable development.

Even if many issues remain unresolved, this meeting is a step forward in the efforts to initiate a dialogue between Emmaus and the representatives of the European institutions.

Willi Does, Chair of Emmaus Europe, took the opportunity to invite the MEPs “to draft legislation that does not encroach on human rights or fundamental freedoms”.

Written by Anne-Lucie Acar, Emmaus France

160115 EE Parlement 2

160115 EE Parlement