Emmaus International

Emmaus International and the Emmaus organisations in Burkina Faso* express their total support for the activists committed to finding a peaceful route back to democracy in the “Country of honest men".

Whilst political power is still not being shared in a number of African states, the people of Burkina Faso chose democratic transition a year ago. Emmaus International and the Emmaus organisations working in the country unanimously condemn the coup that aims to destroy the current process, which was leading up to presidential elections this October.

Emmaus International calls for the immediate release of the political leaders taken hostage and for a return to dialogue between the elected representatives and civil society, and calls for an end to all types of violence and exclusion. Following their condemnation of the coup, Emmaus International hopes the African Union and United Nations will rapidly play an active mediation role.

Jean Rousseau,
Chair of Emmaus International                     

Koudbi Koala,
Chair of Emmaus Africa


Emmaus International is a member of the ‘Turn the page’ collective, for power change in Africa. See the press release (in French).

150918 Burkina Faso

* There are four Emmaus organisations in Burkina Faso: Benebnooma, ESO, Pag-la-Yiri and SEMUS.