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For the 10-year anniversary of the death of Abbé Pierre Emmaus International and the ANMT invite you to an exhibition which looks back at the life and struggles of Abbé Pierre. Abbé Pierre was the founder of Emmaus and he was also a very multi-faceted person and the public is not always aware of this.

This exhibition is the result of a partnership between Emmaus International and the ANMT (National Archives of the Working World) which is based in the North of France. In late 2000 Abbé Pierre entrusted the ANMT with his personal archives.

The travelling exhibition includes 12 retractable banners with short texts, photos from our archives and copies of documents which belonged to Abbé Pierre. The travelling exhibition helps us discover key moments in the life of Abbé Pierre and the different struggles led all throughout his life.  

The ANMT is kindly making this exhibition available so that it can be displayed across France. Are you part of an Emmaus association, a school, a public institution or a cultural institution based in France? Then please don't hesitate to send a request to the ANMT so that Abbé Pierre's struggles are more widely spread and understood.


Please contact the ANMT if you have any questions or to book.

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