Emmaus International

On 19 January Raihan Ali, founder of the Emmaus Thanapara association in Bangladesh, received an award from the United Movement Human Rights Organization for his work to protect human rights and maintain peace.

This award recognises Raihan’s tireless efforts since 1976 in the Emmaus Thanapara Swallows association.

At 13 years of age Raihan survived a massacre of the men of his village carried out by the Pakistani army during the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971. Despite his young age Raihan felt committed to helping the women who had survived this horrific event.

Since the massacre Raihan has worked tirelessly for economic and social progress in his community as well as promoting the rights of the most excluded. His work follows in the footsteps of Abbé Pierre. The group has developed the following activities: fair trade with crafts, micro-credit, the promotion of rights and protection of the environment. These activities are aimed at boosting economic independence and increasing women’s capacity to defend their rights.

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