Emmaus International

As a wave of of statements of intent and green marketing comes in response to COP21, Emmaus France is launching a campaign on the subject of sustainable development. The aim is to remind people that Emmaus has been a front-runner on questions of sustainable development... for 65 years!

Emmaus - a model of responsibility and sustainability

"Donating and buying at Emmaus means giving people a second chance, giving objects a second life, and helping ensure a bright future for the planet.", says Thierry Kuhn, President of Emmaus France.
Since the organisation was founded in 1949, Abbé Pierre and the other Emmaus companions have indeed developed a model that  balances social, economic and environmental requirements.
Emmaus communities, for example, are places for excluded people to feel welcome, to live and to work. They function without any grants, solely through recovery of objects and the work of the members. The fruits of this work support the community and enable solidarity action to help others, be it in France or elsewhere in the world. The goods that are not sold are reused or recycled. This means that Emmaus has been applying the principles of a sustainable and circular economy for 65 years.

Recycling advertising

For this campaign, Emmaus France decided to let Emmaus claim its rightful place in the sustainable development movement. The organisation has remixed the latest advertisement from H&M, which jumps on the ecological bandwagon of textile recycling, and given it a second life Emmaus style. Friends, companions, volunteers and employees of the organisation reinterpret the 90 second clip, showing the Emmaus ecosystem and its roots in sustainable development.

See the video now!