2nd Warning Barometer on the situation of human rights in Brazil: the struggle for democracy in Brazil must continue!

2nd Warning Barometer on the situation of human rights in Brazil: the struggle for democracy in Brazil must continue!
The Solidarity with Brazil Coalition has been running for almost two years and is currently continuing its awareness-raising work with the publication of the 2nd version of the Warning Barometer on the situation of human rights in Brazil.

The coalition is made up of 18 international solidarity organisations, including Emmaus International, and works to amplify the voice of social organisations and movements in Brazil which are raising the alarm, via a campaign highlighting the threats and violence that they suffer: Brazil Resists! Fighting is not a crime.

Unsurprisingly, the barometer confirms that halfway through Bolsonaro’s term of office, violence, rights violations and inequality are on the rise, particularly affecting the historically most excluded populations. However, they also show the dynamism of civil society in Brazil, and how it is standing up for justice and the rights of populations, giving rise to resistance initiatives all across the country.Emmaus International, which has 9 member organisations in Brazil and is constantly working in the region for social and environmental justice and access to fundamental rights, supports this campaign more than ever. To mark the publication of this new barometer, Emmaus International shared some words from Luis Tenderini, a member of Emmaus International Board from the Americas region, on the situation in Brazil and how important it is to the Brazilian Emmaus groups to be involved in this campaign.

The Solidarity with Brazil Coalition would like to invite you to an evening of debate (in french), at which the data and results from the 2nd Barometer will be presented, on Tuesday 19th January: Halfway through Bolsonaro’s presidency, what conclusions can we draw about the social situation in Brazil?

You can consult the Facebook page for the event here:

You can also access all information from the Barometer and the many analysis and mobilisation tools used on the campaign’s website:

*Solidarity with Brazil Coalition is composed of 18 international solidarity organisations: Act Up Paris, Acteurs dans le monde Agricole et Rural (AMAR), Attac France, Autres Brésils, CCFD –Terre Solidaire, Centre d’études et d’initiatives de solidarité internationale (Cedetim), Centre d’étude du développement en Amérique Latine (CEDAL), Centre de recherche et d’information pour le développement (CRID), Comité des Amis des Sans Terre du Brésil, Comité de solidarité avec les Indiens des Amériques (CSIA-Nitassinan), Emmaus International, France Amérique Latine (FAL), France Libertés, Internet sans frontières, Groupe International de Travail pour les Peuples Autochtones (GITPA), Planète Amazone,, Secours Catholique -Caritas France.