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The Spanish regional newspaper La Verdad has awarded seven companies and institutions with the prize of "environmental sustainability". The second-hand bookshop Libros Traperos, opened by Emmaus Murcia two years ago in southern Spain, is one of them. It is the largest solidarity bookshop in the region.

Libros Traperos 7

For the 2nd consecutive year, the regional newspaper La Verdad rewards companies and institutions that fight to save endangered species, promote pollution-free production and sustainable education and culture.

“We are happy and proud of the recognition brought by the ‘La Verdad de Murcia’ prize awarded to our second-hand bookshop, which is undoubtedly more than just a place where books are sold at affordable prices. This award is for us all: volunteers, friends, colleagues and workers, the numerous pairs of hands involved in collecting, categorising, taking care of and presenting books on the bookshelves in anticipation of their new life”. explains Paco Lopez, the association’s manager.

 Located on Avenida Ronda de Garay in Murcia, Spain, Libros Traperos is the largest solidarity second-hand bookshop in the region and is one of the most important in the country. With a catalogue of almost 11,000 titles, you can buy books at affordable prices whilst supporting Emmaus Murcia, which strives to provide a dignified life to more than sixty people. “With the exception of tax and postage, all the money you pay for your book goes to support the organisation’s activities”, says Paco Lopez.

The award ceremony will soon take place online on the newspaper's website.

La Verdad's article (in Spanish): https://www.laverdad.es/murcia/valor-cuidad-naturaleza-20201101072954-nt.html