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At a time when popular revolts are multiplying, discover Abbé Pierre's thoughts in "Drawing Strength from the Infinitely Small", a collection of his thoughts available in bookshops now! Preface by Edgar Morin.

As a defender of the excluded and the most deprived, a resistance fighter, an MP after the French liberation and the founder of Emmaus in 1949, Abbé Pierre tirelessly led the fight for peace, justice and human development. Known internationally as a man of compassion and generosity, but also as a revolutionary and a tireless denouncer of injustice, he remained steadfast in his belief that another world was possible; one that was both fair and fraternal.

The release of the book "Drawing Strength from the Infinitely Small" by the publishing house Cherche midi is an opportunity to rediscover Abbé Pierre's strong, direct and relevant words.

Profound and visionary discourse

Confronted by the challenges of the 21st century, its blatant injustices and its murderous and destructive excesses, Abbé Pierre's political reflections and admonitions are more relevant than ever.

Through "Drawing Strength from the Infinitely Small", Abbé Pierre speaks to everyone, from the humblest to the most privileged, using common sense and humour to both move and convince, awakening the urge to seek understanding and making the world's complexities accessible. 

The texts gathered in this work come from Abbé Pierre's personal archives, his numerous conferences and articles, and from thousands of hours of sound recordings, transcribed here for the very first time.

The book "Drawing Strength from the Infinitely Small" is on sale now in bookshops, Emmaus communities and online at: fnac.com, cultura.com, gibert.com

Publisher: Cherche midi
Date of publication: 07/11/2019
Retail price (France): €14.50
224 pages