Emmaus International

Every year, many movements celebrate the World Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17 October.  Emmaus International is joining ATD Fourth World’s #StopPoverty campaign to mark the day’s 30th anniversary.

The Emmaus movement agrees with all of the observations that form the basis of the ATD Fourth World movement’s #StopPoverty campaign. “Extreme poverty is a form of violence. It causes prejudice and humiliation, imprisons people in silence and destroys lives. But it does not have to persist; just like slavery and the apartheid, it can be rejected. Those subjected to it are resisting and our world needs their intelligence to address the challenges it faces. Throughout the world, people excluded from society are acting and making their voices heard. Others are joining them to build a peaceful world in which no one is left behind.

Emmaus International is thus taking part in the campaign that will culminate on 17 October to reaffirm the need to:

  • Fight against the notion that extreme poverty will inevitably exist
  • Get organised to come up with and implement solutions
  • Build this world of peace and justice which guarantees that everyone has access to a series of fundamental rights.

Citizens of the whole world – join us in this campaign to demonstrate that there are solutions out there.

  • Sign and encourage others to sign the call to stop poverty.
    You can post a message and an image (a photo or drawing) or talk about your engagement to put a human face on the global movement fighting against extreme poverty and exclusion.
  • Share your stories and experiences via the Stories of Change platform to show that citizens are fighting every day to develop social and solidarity alternative approaches and bring about change.
  • Join local initiatives that are taking place near you on 17 October (see the map) to meet local stakeholders and express your commitment to the fight against extreme poverty.

Together, let’s say #StopPoverty on 17 October!


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