Emmaus International

Emmaus International supports Emmaus France in its denouncing of the FN, a political party which uses fear and anger for its own gain, which makes people into scapegoats and which makes a hierarchy of poverties. Fellow citizens, let's mobilise for a France and a world of solidarity. Solidarity is the only possible long-term response to the political, social, economic and environmental crises that Emmaus fights against on a daily basis across the globe.

« Today, with this concerning rise of the far right and racism, I feel as if we're at war. Some of the words that have been said and actions that have been taken are unacceptable and we must do all we can to fight against them. » - Abbé Pierre, 'Mémoire d’un croyant' ('The Memoirs of a Believer'), 1997.


Message from the Board of Emmaus France sent out to the Emmaus Groups

“It was, to say the latest, a shocking outcome. Although it had been long predicted, seeing the FN in the 2nd round of a presidential election for the second time in 15 years came as a big blow for us and for all those who defend a France of openness and fraternity.

Let's be clear: we do not blame those people who voted for the FN, we at Emmaus can understand that people are afraid and angry as we have seen how our society is being worn down by precarity, growing inequalities and a fear of the future. However we oppose those who use this fear for their own ends - stirring up anger and making scapegoats of people. We fight against the FN because what they offer to fight distress is a hierarchy of poverties. The FN's proposals for restoring national preference, deleting state medical support (AME) and reserving social housing for French people are in fact proposals for a society in which some people deserve to work, have healthcare or housing and others do not.
Emmaus has always rejected 'competition amongst the poorest'. Such a society is in complete opposition to our values as we firmly believe that each person, no matter their origin, skin colour or religion, has the right to receive solidarity from others.
We cannot bring ourselves to imagine a France being led by the FN.

Of course Emmanuel Macron's programme also worries us, if you read the book (in French) we published in March called 'Le Combat Continue' (‘The Struggle Continues’) you will be convinced of this too. In the book we explain how the Uber-isation of society could lead to increasing inequalities and an explosion of precarity. We will be present to lead these struggles after the presidential election and we will put all of our energies into reminding people that the France we want is a France of solidarity.

The next steps of our fight are clear: to stop the FN by fighting against Marine Le Pen. After that, during the next 5-year term and starting with the upcoming legislative elections, we will be leading initiatives and doing campaigning work to resist a programme based on competition, a programme which will deepen inequalities and which puts finance before human beings.”