Emmaus International

The workshop on April 20th was focused on the themes of international solidarity and policy.    During the second part of the session, participants shared proposals to advance Emmaus International’s new goals.

During the first day of workshops, participants shared innovative ideas and developed proposals for action.   More than 400 participants from four regions of the world discussed the concrete steps that they believe must be taken in order for Emmaus International to become a major player in international solidarity. Education was a major discussion theme, and participants came up with the idea of an education commission that would facilitate the development of social education policies and promote, amongst other things, pedagogical models for Emmaus members.   Ethical finance and responsible consumption was another major theme; proposals included the idea of an Emmaus bank as well as the development of local solidarity currencies. On a more general level, participants discussed the need to direct our efforts and energy towards broader solidarity Campaigns focused on the free circulation of people, ethical finance, and the environment.   Participants also remarked that it was necessary to strengthen Emmaus International’s efforts on behalf of the marginalized and vulnerable by building the movement’s visibility in public spaces, with the support of other collectives. Other major themes included the need for stronger alliances; for more networking; and for freer circulation of people.

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