Emmaus International

The Legacy of Abbé Pierre is in the hearts of all companions; we must continue to honor the memory of the Abbé and of Emmaus.

The World Assembly 2016 in Jesolo pays homage to Abbé Pierre. Although he left us almost 10 years ago, his teachings continue to inspire Emmaus communities all over the world. While he is not as well known in Indonesia as he is in France, his thoughts and actions transcend national differences. 

In celebration of his legacy, World Assembly public has been shown a wide range of writings, documents, and press clippings to shed light on important moments in Abbé Pierre’s life; from his participation in the French Resistance to the time he spent as the chair of the Executive Committee of the Universal Movement for a World Confederation, not to mention his « Uprising Against the Absurd » of 1954. His life filled with actions, and convictions, continue to inspire and to guide the future actions of Emmaus International.

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