Emmaus International

Over the course of a long process that took place between July 2014 and November 2015, 5 values have been identified as essential for the future of the Movement. 

During the opening session of the World Assembly 2016, the Values Committee shared a document outlining our 5 main values or guiding principles. These are the result of a long-lasting, participatory process conducted in the four regions of Emmaus International. The initiative focused on adapting our advocacy and our actions to a changing world; and on reconnecting with the essence of the Movement and with the first companions of Abbé Pierre.  

The five values are respect, of human beings and their dignity, and in opposition of all forms of discrimination; sharing, to awake consciousness; openness, to promote education and culture; solidarity, in order to better distribute wealth and to reduce inequalities and welcome, unconditional, so that we can listen to people, and support them.

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