Emmaus International

With the 2016 world assembly just a few days away, we take a look back at four world assemblies that have made a big impact on Emmaus International’s history. This week, 2007 World Assembly in Sarajevo (Bosnia), focused on "Let’s move forward together".

The theme of the first world assembly following the founder’s death encouraged all the world’s groups to meet and continue to take action together.

Emmaus International became Abbé Pierre’s sole legatee with the remit of publicizing, protecting and bringing alive his memory.

The Sarajevo world assembly selected two further priority areas: education and healthcare, and also adopted a declaration on freedom of movement.

“Holding this world assembly in a country that had suffered from so much ethnic and religious discrimination was important”, explained Moon Sharma, the leader of Emmaus Tara Projects (India) and a member of the executive committee. “We called on all citizens, civil society organisations and associations worldwide to champion the Emmaus movement’s fundamental principle: unconditional shelter and support.”

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